Manvice: Installment 1

Welcome to Manvice.
Advice given for a man on how to be a man by a man.

Do you remember the good old days when our fathers were the prominent male role models in the world? Those, greasy, smelly, hairy bastards that fixed their cars on weekends after long weekdays while still having time to teach you to walk it off? They have since been replaced with metrosexual pop bands, promise rings, and Robert Pattinson. Men are not supposed to sparkle in sunlight. They’re supposed to sweat.

The children of this generation are no longer aware that a man is supposed to be hairy. They are not aware a man is capable of sweating, or smelling of anything other than lilacs and potpourri.

Too few men these days wear their chest hair with pride. Too few grow the facial hair they want to have, in fear that their un-male partner might not approve.

No more! I’m taking it back, men. We are the masters of our hairy destiny. We control what grows on our face, and our chests. No longer shall we wear the skin-suit of a 14 year old boy, or be forced to carry around the slender chin of a child.

Men of the world – put down your dolls and diaper bags, pick up a beer, and throw up your horns. The revolution starts now.


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