Breaking News: Deadpool Signs Deal

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just received the most shocking press release to ever cross our desks here at Nerds on the Rocks. In what can only be called a blockbuster move for the comic industry, Marvel Comics, along with Disney, has inked a deal with DC Comics and Image to include Deadpool in a new slate of titles.

According to a Marvel spokesperson, “Deadpool as a character is confined by the number of appearances he can make in the Marvel Universe as he is already making cameos in every issue released for the next three years. In addition to that, we have included him in the Wolverine movie and the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3. We felt that the time was ripe to expand Deadpool into other universes.”

And let us tell you according to this press release Deadpool hits the floor running in both DC and Image.

As of issue 5, the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline will be rebranded, The Return of Wade Wilson.

Is the masked man now Deadpool in disguise?

The soon to be released Batman: Under the Red Hood, will now replace Red Hood with Deadpool.

Deadpool will join the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps as he looks to take over for Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, and become the central character in Green Lantern Corps. He will also become the entity for the White Lantern. In addition, he will be replacing Sinestro as his own villain.

But the biggest news to come out of all of this is that Deadpool will be joining the Justice League of America. A team that has recently fallen on hard times will be given new life with the introduction of its newest (and perhaps greatest) member.

Deadpool’s added scene to the remastered Justice League Season 1 Boxset.

We don’t have exact details on his role in the Image universe but stay with us as we have more on this groundbreaking announcement from Marvel.

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