The Intros of Batman: The Animated Series

While most of us are familiar with the iconic opening of Batman the Animated Series, you know the one! The one that starts with bank robbers blowing up a building. Being pursued by cops until they race to a rooftop where they are confronted by a man out of the darkness, who leaps with the greatest of ease. We’re all familiar with the slow crawl up the building then the iconic shot of Batman atop of it.

But there were actually two other intros used during the show’s tenure. The first was used when the show transitioned into The Adventures of Batman and Robin. A really short-lived segment of the show with just about 20 episodes. Then when the show underwent a re-branding and network change later on and became The New Batman Adventures (TNBA), and was paired with Superman: The Animated Series, they had a joint intro.

Below, we have shared all 3 for your viewing pleasure.




Just some general notes. I think the original Batman: TAS intro is the most iconic of the three, and was old pilot footage re-cut, but I prefer the theme song from The Adventures of Batman and Robin. Don’t get me wrong, completely love the Elfman theme, but that’s just it, it was the Elfman theme. Where as Batman and Robin had a wholly unique theme for the show. And it gave a great vibe and feel of adventure. The last one, is just a really moving score.

Honestly, can’t go wrong with any of them.

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