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Infirmos Mortem: Chapter III

After yet another lengthy writing process, the third chapter of the groundbreaking INFIRMOS MORTEM series is finally upon us.

Amid the rich backdrop of the Ancient Roman Empire, “Chapter III” continues the story of Tullius as he is forced to cope with the full repercussions of the immortus outbreak in coastal Herculaneum. Battling fatigue, starvation, and a horde of bloodthirsty immortui, Tullius will do what he must to help the remaining survivors escape this unprecedented catastrophe.

As the reader, take an active role in shaping events to come at the conclusion of the series’ most action-packed installment yet. As usual, the polls will stay open for about one week, so start reading now and cast your vote before 11:59 PM (PT) on Sunday, September 16, 2012 Thursday, September 20, 2012 to ensure you’re counted.


(Click/Tap the above link to open; Right-click/Ctrl-click to save)


For future updates on the NOTR Original mini-series (and tips on how to fend off those nasty immortui), keep an eye on nerdsontherocks.com/tag/infirmos-mortem (bookmark it!). You can also Like Infirmos Mortem on Facebook, or follow the author on Twitter (@Darth_Raggy). And please share #InfirmosMortem with friends, family, and colleagues! Your support is always appreciated.


Missed the beginning of the Infirmos Mortem saga? Catch up now: Chapter I | Chapter II


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