Flashback Saturday Morning: Aquaman Animated Adventures

DC has announced an exciting, overly-ambitious slate of movies to be released over the next 6 years or so. One of those films is set to be the first live-action, Aquaman film. Which has sent some folks off laughing. Aquaman for several decades has been nothing but a punchline for most comic fans and fans of DC characters… and really for good reason.

Originally, this post was to just be to promote a single episode from Aquaman’s lone solo animated series back in the 60s, but lo and behold Youtube has none of them. Instead, we’ll just look at some Aquaman moments from his various animated incarnations.

Aquaman’s Animated Debut –

Aquaman being ever so Useful on Superfriends

After A Few Years Off, Aquaman makes a re-appearance in the Superman Animated Series

Justice League – Some heroes we are told are hardcore or bad-ass, some heroes cut off their own hand to rescue their child…

More than anything though Aquaman is simply Outrageous!

And really he kind of kicks ass…

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