Dual Wielding Episode 3

After a period of rest at the Nerd Ranch, the hombres are back to bring gaming news to the locals. This week’s episode focuses on Comic Con and the gaming news it brought. Capcom and Namco shocked gamers with news of Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter, and our panel of├é┬áunenthusiastic├é┬áhombres go over in while talking up Marvel vs Capcom 3. James Bond no stranger to danger also has the sights set on him as more new pours in about Goldeneye and recently announced James Bond: Blood Stone. And a party ain’t a party until Kinect is invited. We discuss the pricing of the future of gaming.

So holster your guns, grab a seat and get ready for a good ole shoot out on Dual Wielding Episode 3.

Download Episode 3


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