151 Proof Movies: Street Fighter: The Movie

Welcome to the latest feature here at Nerds on the Rocks. As any good neighborhood drunk, we like to play games to give an excuse for our blatant alcoholism. We also “enjoy” the occasional bad movie so we have decided to combine our “loves” for this new feature.

151 Proof Movies.

The concept behind 151 Proof Movies is simple enough, we will provide a drinking game or set of rules for an especially bad movie. And then one brave Nerd will actually WATCH said movie while using the rules we place below. And you our Nerdy audience will be able to join in on the fun.

This week’s movie is the “classic” Street Fighter movie. A movie that will be remembered for its deep characterization and well choreographed fight scenes.

However, if you like most of the world don’t remember it that way, here are some fun rules to make the movie that much more enjoyable.

1)Take a drink, every time Bison or Bisonopolis is mentioned.

We can’t begrudge a person for wanting to name something after themselves. Hell if I was an evil dictator I would name a city or two after me, but how many times must it be uttered in a movie? Only you and your liver will know.

2)Take a drink, every time the word “home” is uttered

Home is where your hat is, and where the booze hits your stomach. Let’s just hope the lead doesn’t give a speech about going home during the movie. YINKS.

3)Take a drink, every time someone flexes/poses

Nothing is better than whooping someone’s arse. The only thing that could make the moment sweeter would be to stop and pose for the camera while…

4)Take a drink, every time someone gives a cheesy line/pun

Its the staple of a bad movie (ironically enough also the staple of a lot of good movies), but there will puns upon puns so keep your glasses filled.

5)Take a shot, for special moves

This is a movie based off of a video game so expect some magical elements to surface, and when you see one, warm up your shot glass because its going down!

6) The devil rule, try and finish a beer in the time it takes Guile and Bison to exchange insults/quips

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the rules have been set. 151 Proof Movies Street Fighter review will be live (if reviewer survives) sometime this week.


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  1. Bill Hader says:

    Whats wrong, F@gg0t?

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