Dual Wielding 45: Tokyo Game Show 2011

TGS 2011 has come and gone, and we use up the first half of the show discussing the show. While announcements were sparse on the console front, both handhelds got needed attention. We dissect the 3DS and PlayStation Vita after TGS. Does the future look bleak for both consoles?

Then after some technical difficulties, we join up to discuss what we’ve been playing which includes Bit.Trip.Saga, Chad’s personal drinking game, Gem Spinner and Xenoblade. A discussion about the viability of mobile/smart phone gaming springs up along the way.

Get ready for some rip-roaring excitement on Dual Wielding 45!

Download EP 45


Question of the Week: What do you think of the PSV and 3DS coming out of TGS? Hit up the comments section below

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