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Dino D-Day Beta Giveaway

We’re excited to announce the first giveaway here on Nerds on the Rocks. We’ve been granted two keys for the closed Dino D-Day beta, and want to share it with you our adoring audience.

How will we do it? Simple just hit up the comments section below and tell us what dinosaur species you would most want on your side during wartime and which you would hate to be up against. We’ll pick two winners at random.

The contest will run until 12pm EST on Friday March 4th, 2011.



Based on our random number generator, the winners are Troy and Nathan! We will get them their codes ASAP

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6 Responses

  1. Troy says:

    Pterodactyl. Why, you ask? Because they’re badass, that’s why.

  2. Well I definitely wouldn’t want a hadrosaur. Hadrosaurs have no real defense outside of just jumping in the water to avoid prey. I might want a sauropod, like a Brachiosaurus or a Supersaurus, because they’re so freaking huge that bullets and such would probably just nick them — after all, that was probably they’re defense against predators like the famous T-Rex. Furthermore, recent evidence has been unearthed to suggest that they might have eben able to defend themselves by kicking. At least some of them – fossil evidence suggests massive thighs for things like that. And with regard to Supersaurus, just look at the size of this thing: http://goo.gl/MBt72 It’s the big red one. Yeah. It’s gigantic. Like a tank. Attach some guns and shit, get some men up on its back, and you have an almost indestructible monstrosity. So that’s the one I’m going with that I’d want on my side. Plus, the fact that it’s named Supersaurus is kind of awesome, since it goes back to the idea of an “Ãœbermensch”, or “Superman”. Hitler’s trying to breed the “Superman”. In response, I will employ the SuperSAUR!

    I think the dinosaur I’d least want to be up against (outside of Supersaurus) would be any of the many Theropods, such as T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Carnosaurus, etc. Picking one is hard, since they’re all quite similar. Spinosaurus is the largest one, so I’m tempted to go with it, but T-Rex is so iconic.

    Or I could just say Pachycephalosaurus. They were cool, and I saw a lecture recently in which a paleontologist explained how he and his team had found soft tissue samples in it that essentially proved it was ectothermic. Plus, it’s badass. It bashes it’s head against things. Awesome.

  3. Crimm says:

    Simple T-Rex.

    Biggest baddest of them all.

  4. TMack says:


    Sure, the T-Rex may be a huge badass, but remember that one scene in Jurrasic park where, like, a dozen Raptors took down the T-Rex? Yeah, my point.

  5. Combine 017 says:

    Id want a T-rex with chain gun arms on my side. Bad ass.

    Id hate to fight against Raptors, those things are damn fast.

    btw, only add me in this if that game is mac compatible.

  6. manuel says:

    a triceratops army because the best offense is a good defense!
    when i win im going to give it away on my twitter account mwahahaha

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