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Cooking with Nerds: Prince Fluff Pie

Over the last few Cooking with Nerds, we’ve been showing you various ways to best prepare Chocobos for consumption. We felt it was a time to mix it up a bit, I mean no one really has an all meat meal. It is about time we spiced up your meals just a little bit. We won’t be taking the advice that our mother always gave us, we’re going straight for the deserts with Prince Fluff Pie!

Kirby's new friend makes for a tasty treat.

  • 31 Prince Fluff (marshmellows)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup whipped cream
  • 1 9-inch graham cracker pie crust

The biggest question you may be asking yourself, how do you get so many Prince Fluffs? Heck, how do you even get one Prince Fluff! Two words for you… Magic Sock! How you go about obtaining a magic sock is your own business! Anyhow, once you get your magical sock you just need to find your own kingdom to trap inside. Again, I won’t tell you which kingdom to kidnap, I can’t be doing everything for you!

Once, you have gathered enough Prince Fluffs, the rest of the recipe is fairly simple. You can find a pie crust at any of your local inns or item keeper or there’s always the old fashion way of stealing it from a villager’s home!

Beat the Prince Fluffs until.. they are nice and fluffy, I couldn’t help myself. And that’s kind of morbid when you think about it.

Let’s end the recipe there!

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