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On Tap is a feature where we offer you a weekly suggestion based on our own interest or what is topical.

With the release of Captain America: Civil War, and Marvel ramping up promotion for Civil War II (The prologue was their Free Comic Book Day title this year), it would only be fitting to check out the original series that started this all. Civil War is one of the more… divisive comic book events of the past decade, but if nothing else it means worth checking out for the first-time or revisiting.Civil_War_Vol_1_1_Variant


Written by Mark Waid and art by Steve McNiven, the heroes of the Marvel universe must choose sides after an explosive encounter leaves many innocent people dead. Heroes will be tested, some will be outed as they begin to register and others will stand for what they believe in. The premise is still mostly novel, and while the execution can vary it is a comic you should check out and let us know who side you are on!

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