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Justice League #27

Writer: Geoff Johns
Art by: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Jesus Merino, and Vicente CiFuentes

Doom falls and metal rises. Cyborg 2.0 has arrived! His return to battle puts him on a search for the Metal Men. Meanwhile, what’s left of the Doom Patrol faces off against the Crime Syndicate.

Cyborg’s upgrade was the focus of this book and it played out well. It’s quite the coincidence that we see him get new weapons and a new look in the same week that Justice League: War was released. It reminds us that his origin was forced upon him by his father but his decision to continue to be Cyborg was his own. Great character moment between the two and it made what happens afterwards all the more exciting. There were also other characters introduced like the Doom Patrol and Metal Men, but I’ve never heard of them. For me, the former served to reiterate how powerful the Crime Syndicate members are and the latter was a tease of events to come.

Unlike Justice League #26, this book was certainly more of a side story. This is not a bad thing. When you’re telling a big story like Forever Evil, all the pieces for the finale need to be put in place. That’s what this book was and it was wonderful. Cyborg and his army of Metal Men are likely going to be a big part of the final battle with the Syndicate and it’s going to be amazing.

Review Score: 6 (of 7)


The Walking Dead #120

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Negan strikes back! After clearing the zombie horde from his hideout, he begins a counter attack against Rick’s community. Yes, this book makes up for the action that was absent from the last. It’s glorious.

Midway through All Out War and things are only getting worse for Rick. The full extent of the damage caused to the community wasn’t completely apparent but it’s extent is implied. Negan’s attack was just throwing grenades over the walls, but several characters we’ve been getting used to were caught in the blasts. Had an army from the Hilltop not appeared and chased off Negan, this war would have been over. The introduction of the Hilltop’s new leader was a pretty cool moment too! I really like who it is and it makes me wonder if this person could possibly replace Rick if he were to not make it out of all this alive.

Not much to dislike about this book. There was plenty action and suspense. So we’re getting these two weeks apart because I don’t think I could handle waiting a month to find out what’s going to happen next and a whole year to see this war play out.

Review Score: 6 (of 7)


Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Art by: Staz Johnson and Francis Portela

Girl who unleashes sin is the host for humanity’s good. Constantine and his pseudo Justice League Dark team head back into another confrontation with Blight. This time, Pandora learns how to channel humanity’s good.

Yes, Blight is the personification of mankind’s evil and now Pandora is the personification of mankind’s good. It’s all about magic and the supernatural. Once you get passed that this book, and the rest of the Blight arc is quite easy to swallow. There was a moment when Pandora was explaining the good in humanity that made me almost want to roll my eyes, but overall this was a great book. Pandora’s “new costume” looked very cool. The ending showed her being killed by Blight but Ray Fawkes wrote in a line about her being unable to die so it greatly diminished the suspense. Still, the team had the perfect opportunity to kill Blight, yet again and didn’t act on it. As much as I like the Phantom Stranger, his sentimentality is getting annoying. I know he feels a sense of responsibility to Christopher Esperanza, but the kid chose to be Blight’s host so I don’t understand why he continues to insist on saving the kid. Especially after how hard the team has to push themselves every time they battle him.

Regardless, this was still a very enjoyable book. The art by Staz Johnson and Francis Portela blended well because one illustrated the main book and the other a dream-like sequence. If DC is going to have more than one artist one these books, this is the only acceptable way to do it. The story returns to Justice League Dark next week, where we will hopefully see Pandora magically resurrected in her new costume.

Review Score: 5 (of 7)


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