Comic Book Review – She-Hulk #5

Writer – Charles Soule

Illustrator – Ron Wimberly

This She-Hulk relaunch has been one of my favorite things to come out of the whole Marvel Now! rebranding.  Charles Soule has been a favorite writer of mine since I had read Strongman, well before he started doing anything at the big two.  And with his background as a lawyer, he’s helped to give She-Hulk the voice she’s needed to be a stand out character in the Marvel Universe.

The first four issues of this run have been illustrated by Javier Pulido.  I was unfamiliar with his work prior, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve heard some people saying that they had trouble getting into the art on this book, and I honestly don’t understand that.  I think Javier’s more indie style looks polished and visually interesting.

The first four issues see Jennifer Walters set up her private practice, hired paralegal Angie Huang with her pet monkey as well as hiring Hellcat, take on a case for Doctor Doom’s son, go out west to get some help from Daredevil, and confront Doctor Doom face to face in Latveria, and ending with the mysterious blue file that She-Hulk is named in along with a bunch of other super powered guys and gals.  Not bad for only four issues, huh?

Now onto the issue at hand.  Issue #5 is the first to not have Javier Pulido as the artist.  Instead, we get Ron Wimberly.  I’m unfamiliar with Ron’s work as well.  Muntsa Vicente is not the colorist either; it’s no Rico Renzi.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel that this is a positive direction for the art in the book.  The colors no longer pop like they used to and the art itself just feels less polished.  It kind of has an Aeon Flux feel to it, but it just looks rough.  I didn’t feel as if the art met the kind of standards I normally see at Marvel.

Charles’ writing is still on point, however.  The bits with She-Hulk and Shocker are interesting and engaging  and I love how he’s been developing Angie Huang as a character.

Score: 5 (Out of 7) I really like the story and where it’s going, but the art on this issue made it dip a little for me.  I hope we get back to either Javier Pulido or we get another team on it soon.


I've been an avid comic book fan since I first started actively following and collecting comics at ten years old. The first comic I picked up was Sonic The Hedgehog #28 at a local Kmart. Since then I've gone on to read and collect comics from a wide range of publishers, collect original comic book pages, commissions from some of my favorite artists, review comics with insertgeekhere, and even write my own comics. I began self publishing comics I had written in 2011, and currently work with a couple of small publishers as well.

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