Comic Book Review – Magneto #3

Magneto #3

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Cover Artist: Declan Shalvey
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire

              Let me start off this review by saying that if I was not reading this title and I saw this book sitting on the shelf at my local comic ship, I would have bought it simply for its cover. Declan Shalvey did an awesome job with the cover and I am really enjoying the fact that they are rotating artists for cover duties on this series because Chris Samnee’s cover art for issue two was just as enticing.

I think this is a very compelling arc, both story and character wise. It seems as though Magneto is out of his element because it’s not all super heroes vs. villains and team ups. Magneto is simply protecting his people: Mutants. He’s a wanted man doing what he thinks is right. He may only be one man, but hey, he’s Magneto and personally I think he works better alone. I like Cullen Bunn’s work and I really enjoy the way he writes Magneto.

MagnetoI’m impressed with this series more with every issue that comes out. One of the things I found most interesting about this issue is seeing humans taking precautions to segregate themselves from the mutants. It is usually the other way around, just think of all the mutant sanctuaries we have seen through the years: the X-Mansion, Genosha, and Utopia to name a few. And as we know that doesn’t always work out well, this story addresses that very nicely. I truly am looking forward to see where Magneto is going next. And I am very curious as to who helped the humans find that Master Mold.

This issue also has fantastic art to match. I always enjoy Walta’s artwork and I’m glad he stays pretty close to the X-Men because his art suits that area of the Marvel Universe rather well. He draws one badass looking Magneto with his new black costume and I love the way he draws Magneto’s torture scenes. Looking forward to see what else he has in store for us on this title.

If you’re not reading this title and like what else is going on in the X-Men titles this is totally worth picking up. Or if you are simply a fan of this guy from the X-Men movies or cartoons it’s worth a try (I hear he is in a movie coming out soon that has TWO Magnetos for the price of one!)

Rating: 6 (out of 7)Great story, great art. It’s very nice to see this side of Magneto and to get to see the character on the run.

Jonathan Schultz

Twenty five years old, living in Southwest Michigan. Behavioral therapist working with children with Autism. I've been collecting comics for well over 10 years now. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram: @Johnny_Storm4

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