Comic Book Review – Amazing X-Men #2

Amazing X-Men #2
Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ed McGuinness
Colors by: Marte Gracia

I think if I were an X-Man, I could face any challenge knowing that if I died, I’d surely be resurrected down the road eventually. I’m sure dying isn’t any fun at all but you’d get a few years off from fighting Sentinels and Beast shedding all over the place.

And thus we have the Amazing X-Men, another new X-book and apparent vehicle created to bring our favorite blue elf Nightcrawler back to the land of the living. Issue #2 picks up with Storm, Iceman and one of my all time personal favorites Firestar (no kid that watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Saturday mornings can deny crushing on Angelica Jones) fighting off the hordes in Hell after being teleported by those mischievious Bamfs last issue. We also find Wolverine and Northstar battling Hell’s forces in honest to goodness Heaven. Neither team knows why they’ve been uprooted just yet but I think the next issue will show them all the cards. Then we’ll queue the teary-eyed Wolverine/Nightcrawler reunion. I can hardly wait!

This has been a lot of fun book so far, both from the storytelling and in the art. Aaron never lacks in the witty banter department and I think he’s pacing Nightcrawler’s reveal well so far. I’m not totally sure what he’s got planned to get everyone home safe and sound (and brought back to life) but as they say, that’s why you read the book. McGuinness’ pencils never disappoint and he’s right up there with Arthur Adams when it comes to drawing super dynamic and cartoony characters that still look bad ass and unique. Gracia’s colors are glossy and bright, adding to the animated feel as well.

Given that I definitely didn’t think we needed yet another new X-book, I’d can confidently say Amazing X-Men is worth your $3.99 so far. And getting Nightcrawler and Firestar in the same book is just icing on the proverbial cake.

Score: 6 (out of 7) It’s probably time for Firestar to retire that costume. She’s been wearing it since I was five.

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