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Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic

With the release of Sonic Generations looming, and SEGA revealing a second demo for the game to go live today, we thought it was a good time to finally settle the debate. While most people will agree that 2D Sonic games are vastly superior to their 3D counterpart, there is apparently some debate in the community about which Sonic model is better.

So we present Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic!

Classic Sonic

First, we have classic Sonic. The art-work featured in many of his Genesis adventures. Notable for being slightly more stocky or packed than his modern counterpart.

Modern Sonic

Then we have modern Sonic, who apparently hit the treadmill hard when he made the jump into the 3rd dimension. Known for finally getting a voice, and his rather dangly appearance.

Past meets Present in Sonic Generations later this year!

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3 Responses

  1. Genesis Baby says:

    Modern Sonic would jab himself in the eyes with his knees if he ever attempted to turn into a ball. Also those giant gloves are too heavy for his long stringy arms which is why they comically flail behind when he runs.

    That is not a hedgehog. That is an abomination.

  2. WhywouldIputthishere says:

    @Genesis Baby

    I smell a hipster.

    • Genesis Menace-sis says:

      You should probably bathe then. But seriously, the only folks who prefer modern “Sonic” are fans of hedgehog slash fiction and occasionally younger kids who don’t know any better. Which are you?

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