Special Service: The Box

I was told by a Tweep to write an article on a box, or to be exact, ” @GameTavernNews write about a box. just a plain cardboard box, that is all.”

So ladies and gentlemen, here is Nerds on the Rocks’ love letter to the box. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, this will not be about that box.

We love you box!

The box like so many other household items gets looked over for its usefulness because it serves such a versatile role in our life. Think of a box, then think of what you do with a box. Most of you wouldn’t really think of much. Maybe its where you have your groceries after you come back from shopping. Perhaps, its something that is building up in your closest and you need to throw them out. Maybe, you really don’t use them that much.

But come walk with me on this magical journey of the box. The box first comes to us in our youth. As a kid, it is one of the most wonderful devices we could have. I mean with our limitless imagination a box becomes your secret fort where you hold off invading GI Joe figures. They serve as our hide-outs when its just a little after bedtime and we want to stay up. It is our castle, our tree house, our farm, it is everything and nothing at the same time.

What fun-filled adventure will the box bring today?

Our next major box usage comes when we move away from the nest for the first time. Whether its to go off to college or your first place. There the box serves as our memory mover. As we take tokens of our lives, pictures, books, games, computers, cards, cars or whatever and stuff them into these wonderful boxes. The boxes we hope we keep our cherished memories safe until we are ready to unload them at our new place of residence. Or the box that we hopes can maintain them until we find the space or when family comes to town.

Our lives in boxes.

The box is our best friend when we get fired from our first job, and it helps us load up hours of our life we will never get back, but terrific co-workers you will miss. The first time you spilled coffee on your lap due to that new mug. The photos of your vacation to Mexico. Once again, the box is there for you.

Now we have a family. A lovely spouse. Two wonderful children, but our home can no longer hold our cherished possessions so we pick up the stuff we’ve grown fond of, but can do without into a box, and we place them on the curb for a yard sale or we donate them to our local Salvation Army. The box once again helps us to connect to our fellow man in new and exciting ways.

Now we are old, our children have grown up and have their own kids. We once again reflect back on our lives, and think of all the lovely times we have had. We pack up a few items from around the house, and we bring them when we see our grandchildren. We tell them stories of our youth. We have the photo albums to show some crazy times and some funky hairdos. We have freshly baked cookies because we know they love em. And you know what, they all fit inside of a single box.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to think of how important and key the box is to your life now. And try not to take it for granted in the future.

Earl Rufus

The owner of this little chunk of the internet. Enjoys having a good time and being rather snarky!

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