Bar Banter: Friday

Every year, it seems we have that one break-out song that stands as the unofficial summer anthem of the year. In recent memory, we’ve had such classics as Katy Pery’s California Girls, Sisqo’s Thong Song, and Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” Now that the 4th of July weekend has passed, I couldn’t help but feel that no one song had really emerged for this year. That was until I did some heavy thinking about the subject with a friend.

Our findings, while not something everyone will be happy with, does fit the criteria to be a summer jam to a tee.

  • It is perhaps one of the most recognized songs to be released this year.
  • It has mainstream appeal and a ton of parodies.
  • Its catchy and singable.
  • People enjoy listening to it and dancing to it.

What is the song you may ask? Well honestly you shouldn’t ask, its in the title of the article!

But yes Rebecca Black’s Friday, as it stands right now, is the run-away leader for the 2011 Summer anthem. Just let that sink in for a second.. Actually, just listen…


Now, music industry and fans, I am just stating this as a warning. I mean in 20 years do you want your kids to look back at 2011 and remember this as the song? So get in gears and produce something equally as catchy, and perhaps just as useless, but something!

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  1. Loop says:

    No. Katy Perry’s ‘Friday’ FTW! THE WIN. >>

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