Review Shooter: Baltimore Curse Bells 3

Writer: Mike Mignola and Christopher Gordon
Artist: Ben Stenbeck

Let me start off by saying, I have never read anything from Dark Horse Comics. However, after reading the latest issue of Baltimore Curse Bells, I may need to add a few to my pull list.

In this five part mini series, we have a tale full of vampires, cults, God and death. It also takes place during the time of Lord Baltimore, and artist Ben Stenbeck portrays the time period perfectly with his art. The whole comic is filled with a grey and black background, which helps to add to the allure of the story. Although most of the pages are incredibly dark, the panels that really explode off the pages are the ones full of blood. The blood is so red that it immediately catches your eye and only adds to the horror.

The dialogue created by writers Mike Mignola and Christopher Gordon is both believable and haunting. There
is one scene in particular, near the climax of this issue, that left me with chills. I won’t spoil it, but one of the lines stuck with me. “You have been blooded by the devil’s touch, and you must be purified.” This encompasses the overall ambiance of the plot, as there are aspects of religion as well as pure horror.

Now, this is the 3rd issue in a 5-issue series, so there were some points where I was confused as to who the characters were and what their motivations were, but it really didn’t ruin the plot for me. I was still able to enjoy every page without any problems. In addition, this issue was so good that it’s convinced me to check out the first two issues of this series as well.

Overall, I really loved this issue and I’ve become enthralled with this world that the writers have created. It’s frightening, dark, historical, but it’s that element of mystique that really attracts me to this comic book. A world of vampiric nuns and an insane occultist may not be your cup of tea, and I didn’t think it was going to be my style either. However, I was completely engaged by the turn of the 5th page. It’s different, there’s nothing like it in your local comic book shop right now. So, if you’re getting tired of the typical superhero comic, give this a try and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

New Reader Accessibility: 3 — Being the 3rd issue of the series, there will be something missing in the continuity from previous issues, but you can still enjoy and understand this issue without reading the first issues.

Recommendation: Buy it — A really interesting story with many horrifying scenes. Give this issue a try and if you like it, buy the first two issues of the series as well.

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