The 7 Best Trailers from 2016 Television Upfront Seasons

We did a podcast last week examining all of the cancellations/passed over shows from the past season, and over the course of the week we’ve posted all of the trailers and impressions on our social media channels. But with more than 2 dozen trailers, it may be difficult and time-consuming to find the ones attached to interesting shows so we’re hear to cut through all that crap for you. Presented below are the 7 new shows we find to be most intriguing based on their upfront trailers. Give them a watch!

Frequency (The CW) – In a year heavy on movie-to-TV series, it is the CW that manages to find the most unique angle and leads to match.

Son of Zorn (FOX) – Looking at this in stills, we thought we had a complete dud on our hands, but then the trailer dropped and everything changed. The concept isn’t too new with a dad trying to reconnect with a family that has moved on, but the blending of live-action and animation is perhaps refreshing in the television landscape and worth looking into.

  Designated Survivor (ABC) – There are shows you look at and wonder how can it go beyond a season, and then there are shows like Designated Survivor where you automatically get the hook and intrigue of the series. We’re looking forward to seeing someone come of age in the biggest position in the world. It doesn’t hurt that Jack Bauer has finally ascended to President!

  The Good Place (NBC) – Like we noted above, there are some concepts that you wonder about and this is one of them, but the show itself seems utterly charming and with a recognizable and great cast to boot.

Time After Time (ABC) – Time travel is all the rage this season, and of all the shows focused on the concept, Time After Time seems to be the one we’re most excited for. HG Wells trying to track down Jack the Ripper in the modern-age is both intriguing and just so off the wall that we can’t help but cheer for it.

  The Mick (FOX) – Nothing brings family together more than desperation and corruption… We think that’s what people say anyhow. The concept seems fun. The cast is pretty solid. Even the child actors don’t seem bad in this!

  Speechless (ABC) – Shut up, you got something in your eye after watching this trailer! But yes, Speechless looks like a fantastic family dramedy about a mother who is eager to do anything for her special needs child, but at times may be at the expense of her other children. It shall be an emotional journey.


The Superheroes of the CW (The CW) – We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t include this trailer. While it features no new shows (and hence why it isn’t in the list above), it does signify the shift of Supergirl from CBS to the CW and also shows you the amazing roster of shows that DC has built on the network.

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