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The 7 Commandments of Baytism

All religions are built on a fundamental set of guiding principals. These principals help to distinguish not only the different belief but to serve as a moral guide for all members. Like any Church, Baytism has its unique set of commandments. Below, you will find the 7 commandments that serve as a tenet for Baytism.

  1. Thou shall fixate longingly on any beautiful woman
  2. Thou shall never miss a sunrise
  3. Thou shall have at least two flags waving in the background at all times
  4. If thou can explode thou will explode
  5. Thou will never go more than 7 minutes without an explosion
  6. Thou shall embrace the beauty of life in 360 rotation at all times.
  7. Thou shall quench thine thirst with a Sprite

If you can follow these commandments, welcome to Baytism!

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