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25 Days of Christmas: Ten Christmas Songs To Make Your Holidays Rock

The end of the year is generally very slow musically. The Grammy nominations have been announced and bands generally don’t release much until after the New Year. Which is a perfect time to listen to CHRISTMAS music! Christmas music seems to get a bad rap because people say they get sick of it so quickly and that it starts to soon, I for one rock it November 1st (The day the radio starts playing it in Detroit) just to see what people say.  Another reason people normally are not fans of it because they say there are not any good Christmas songs, well I am here to give you ten Christmas songs to brighten anyone’s holiday season!

10. Jingle Bell Rock- Rascal Flatts

I know normally you think of rock and roll and a real rock feel to this song. So you are probably wondering why I pick a country type band for this song. Well to be honest the country singing voice mixed with the jazz music feel makes this song so odd and different. I think its one of those versions that really flipped the other covers on its head and was for the better.

9. Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It Snow. —Dean Martin

Christmas needs snow! Sorry people who live in the South! Dean Martin takes this song and really does a fantastic job with this classic Christmas song. He had a lot to live up to with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby both covering this song in the past. Martin’s version is something different and I think it comes from his voice. This is the version I grew up with and it just seems to me to be the best version there is. It describes perfectly what you want to do on that cold day when you have nothing going on. You just want to sit in front of the fireplace and watch the snowfall without a care in the world. Sounds the perfect winter day in my book.

8. The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole

A song that might go down as one of the most famous Christmas songs ever! To think that this song was written on a hot summer day just to keep song writer Mel Torme’s mind off of the heat. That was in 1944. Nat King Cole first recorded the song in 1946. It wasn’t until 1961 that the version we all know and love today was released. This version was recorded using a full orchestra and is really what makes the song.

7. Joseph Better You, Then Me- The Killers

Every year for the last six years The Killers have released a Christmas song as a benefit on World AID’s Day. All the proceeds go to benefit the Product Red campaign. This song features Neil Tennant and Elton John. This is a song that has to do with the real meaning of Christmas and speaks about Joseph, the human father of Jesus. The song is very emotional and just so inspiring. It talks about the difficulties that Joseph must have felt and went though being the father of the savior. As the title says that they are glad it was him that was chosen because he did a better job then any of us could have done. I really encourage people to listen to this song and watch the video if you haven’t it is so beautiful and touching.

6. Little Saint Nick- The Beach Boys

Everyone needs a little Beach Boys pop in their life. This song is just really fun and a song that I think is perfect for a Christmas party. I am sure not many people are fans of this song, but it’s just so catchy! Come on “Run Run Reindeer” now if that doesn’t have you tapping your foot then you are officially Scrooge! I always got a little laugh that The Beach Boys have a Christmas album and a catchy tune such as this. This song is the prime example of pop Christmas music and something many pop artists have tried to duplicate and have failed in my mind at doing!

5. Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley

No one wants to be along during the holidays, not even the King! Elvis takes what had been considered the classic country Christmas song and lets it Rock! It’s funny thinking of Elvis singing about being alone for Christmas when he had millions of girls crazy for him.  Elvis’s voice and the rock and roll tune make this song stand the test of time. This is a heart-breaking tale of a man without his love on Christmas while she is off enjoying her Christmas without him. The reason I love this song so much is because it was in my favorite Christmas TV movie, The Year Without A Santa Claus.

4. Carol of the Bells- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Sometimes things are better left unsaid! This song just plain rocks there is no other way to go about saying it. This is a song that I actually find kind of annoying with lyrics but when I first heard this song I knew that it would forever be one of my favorite Christmas songs. It’s a song that I would actually listen to working out in July that’s how cool and how much it can pump you up. I suggest that you listen to this song with a good pair of headphones then you can hear all the bells and whistles and get a full understanding of how deep this song really is and how many beautiful layers there are. I am normally all about the lyrics and their meaning when it comes to music, which shows how, amazing this song, is musically.

3. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town- Bruce

The bells and the introduction give me goose bumps every single time I hear this song! This song is actually really emotional this year considering it’s the first Christmas without Clarence! I played the Saxophone and Clarence was the man, I wanted Santa to bring me a new Saxophone! The Boss just has a fun time and puts a lot of emotion into this song! I love how you can hear him laughing just having a fun time with the song! I really enjoy this song as well musically they did a great job making it rock, old school rock style with the bells, sax, guitar, piano, ect. Everything about this song is just perfect, from the music, to Bruce’s voice, to Santa in the background saying HO HO HO!

2. Great Big Sled- The Killers

Yep I put my favorite band in here twice.  This was their first Christmas song and it is just so fun. I feel that this song is exactly what I think Christmas should be like a good time. It’s a song about kids and not wanting to grow up! What I take away from this song is that Christmas is for kids but it shouldn’t be. Christmas is like Disney Land, everyone should act like they are kids and just enjoy the holidays! Don’t grow up and forget about the fun you used to have on Christmas make it enjoyable and be a kid! “I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow” that is how everyone should feel about Christmas!

1. Christmas Lights- Coldplay

This song is perfect. This song is one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. Please watch the video it is so amazing and was a nice surprise last Christmas. Again this is another song about heartache during the holidays. Even though all the pain of being without having you loved one with you during Christmas, the song suggests looking for hope and inspiration in the Christmas lights. Let the Christmas lights shine and let that hope take your troubles away! Musically this song fires on all cylinders, add to that the emotional lyrics, and the voice of Chris Martin the end result is what is my favorite Christmas song of all time!

Happy Holidays!

Josh Raj

Financial Analyst by day, DC Superhero by night! Fan of all things DC (Batman and Green Lantern). You can find me on Twitter: @joshraj9

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