151 Proof Movies: Resident Evil

The Resident Evil movies are an interesting beast. They aren’t exactly related to the games, but they are in their own special way. They have carved out their own little domain in the Resident Evil verse, and opinions of the movies tend to vary. I happen to like them, they kind of degenerate with each release, but they can still be good fun.

That said, there is always one way to improve a movie and that is with a copious amount of alcohol. And we are here as always to help you out with that. Check out 151 Proof Movies for Resident Evil.

Resident Evil games meet Resident Evil the Movie.

  1. Take a drink whenever Umbrella logo is shown or the corporation is mentioned.
  2. Take a drink every time a character from the Resident Evil game verse makes an appearance in the movies. (And yeah, I mean every time they make an appearance not they are in the movie once and you call it a day) Also doesn’t extend to them being in a prolong scene or cutbacks!
  3. Take 2 drinks every time an enemy from the game shows up, zombie dogs, crows, Nemesis, the rare zombie, Los Plagos from Resident Evil 4, the axe man, whoever!
  4. Take a drink every time a virus is mentioned, doesn’t matter which letter it starts with.

Resident Evil the Movies Are You’re Worse Nightmares

  1. Every time someone gets bite and turns into a zombie, take a drink.
  2. Every time a teammate puts down a teammate because they turned into a zombie take a drink.
  3. Every time someone wusses out and doesn’t want to kill a friend turning into a zombie take a drink.
  4. Whenever you spot a difference from the game take 2 drinks (you know why!)
  5. Elements from the movie verse make an re-appearance aside from Alicia since she is the main character.
  6. Use of piss poor technology, that includes CG and crappy 3D effects take a drink. And yeah I saw Afterlife’s trailer that includes tossing the glass at the screen!

As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie.

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