151 Proof Movies Hangover: Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan

Let’s get this out of the way quickly, the title is a misnomer. Jason doesn’t show up to Manhattan until the movie is well past half-over. If anything, his stint in Manhattan serves as the film’s very long climax.

But before we get there, this is the 8th entry in the Friday the 13th movie series. You either know it or you don’t by now, but it stars a kid who drowned, and now haunts the grounds in which he died while wearing a hockey mask.

friday-the-13th-part-8-jason-takes-manhattan-coverAlong the way, we are generally introduced to a cast of horny, drug-addicted teenagers, and usually one or two adult figures, who really have no control over any of the kids. The plot-line doesn’t really stray too far from the norm. The acting is about as expected.

We don’t watch slashers for their plots or their acting, though being good, is never a mark against any film. We really watch them to see the fun and creative ways people are killed. When you say it like that though, sounds kind of morbid, no?

Before I get into the kills, I should mention that this movie was filmed for 3D, and boy does it show. So many of the deaths involve objects coming towards the screen, and after a while it does become distracting because well its annoying.

That said, my favorite death/kill in the movie comes from when one of the teenagers (let’s be honest, no one learns their names) tries to box Jason to death. At first, it appears that he is being successful (though I question the logic of punching a dead wearing a mask in the face), until he punches himself out. Jason finally decides to return blows and beheads him with one punch.

Another less memorable death, but fun scene is the death of a female character on a random dance floor on the cruise ship.

As a whole, the movie isn’t special, but for a Friday the 13th movie its fun. Most people already have their opinions on it!

What we have to ask ourselves, how does the drinking rules work for this movie? Really, really damn well. This movie seems like it had a horror movie trope guide line and checked off everything on the list.

Horny teenangers having sex? Check!

Fake scares? Check!

Fake scares leading into the reveal of the real killer? Check!

More than a dozen on screen deaths? Check!

So almost every rule in the book will give you good mileage on your drinking. Finished something like 5 beers in the course of the 80 minutes the movie was on.


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