151 Proof Movies Hangover: Air Bud Golden Receiver

Air Bud month continues here on the site with Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver. This movie is a lot more sports-focused (at least with the dog) than the first, and also introduces a character, who is dating Josh’s mother. Does Golden Receiver deliver the same family-fun as the original?

The Movie- 2.5/5


 I will start this review off with a clarification. When I wrote last weeks review I had assumed we were going of a scale of 1-10 not a scale of 1-5. It was a miscommunication on my part and I would just like to get that clear so that these scores do not seem weird.
I would like to start this off by saying the opening scene is god awful. The cuts are sporadic, the random effects are just frustrating and painful, and they only do it for opening 5-10 minutes. Worst part of movie in my opinion. From there some random things happened and then we met the “Villains” Their accents were awful, their motivation was……there? And you never once see them in same scene with main human characters which leads me to believe that they were added after the majority was done filming. The studios were most likely craving an actual villain. As a whole I would have to say that I had much more fun watching this movie even though more complaints than last time.

Earl- 3

Air Bud 2 was about as deep as the original, and that isn’t so bad really. The major difference I think comes from the events surrounding Josh and Buddy. Since, Josh gained legal guardianship of Buddy at the end of the first movie, they had to find a way to introduce a new villain. In this case though, the villains just seem to be there. Their motivation is to start a circus with a bunch of exotic animals, and this comes into play during the climax as the criminals are outsmarted by a group of animals.

The other end of the story deals with Josh.. well dealing with his mother dating a new guy, and what it means about someone replacing his father. This story gets wrapped up about as one would expect.

The film hits a lot of familiar beats, and really doesn’t throw much new in the way. Hence, the average score.

Drinking- 3/5

Swan- 3 
This movie kicked off drinking much faster, having quite a few drinks in first five minutes. Up until the 30 minute mark then the rules we had seemed to dissipate and then a slight hiatus appeared for the middle then it comes back with a vengeance in the finale. Speechs and dog scoring and puns. This was what I had expected with the Air Bud films and this is only the second movie! It can only get worse from here.

Earl- 3

This movie… oh this movie.. while I was alert for the entire thing… boy was I wasted by the end of it all. I guess it begins to nail the formula that will become popular with the franchise. It is a really by the books movie, and the drinking rules work well for that. Just also be careful of what your drinking!

All in all, Air Bud 2 was an enjoyable night of drinking. It was a decent, if average movie that encouraged a nice buzz by the end of it. Next week, we continue with Air Bud 3… I won’t tell you subtitle because don’t know it off hand!


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