151 Proof Movies: The Avengers Drinking Game

Sometimes, timing is everything in life. With the release of The Avengers (Marvel characters) hitting stateside this Friday, we thought it was only fitting that we took a look at the other film that shares the title. This one based off of an older TV series.

Oddly enough, it seems to be a movie with a reputation for being bad, but no one has ever actually seen it. I asked some of my Tweeps and friends to assist with the rules because neither I nor Swan have ever seen the film. It looks like we aren’t alone. So this is perhaps one of the first movies, we’re going in completely blind. We don’t know how well or how poorly these rules will work out. But as always, you can expect a write-up over the weekend with our thoughts.

With that said, let’s get to the rule book!

  1. Groovy Baby– Whenever a pun is said, take a drink. If the pun depends on British delivery (a dry wit) or so European landmark (Big Ben, Tea, etc) take 2 drinks.
  2. Element-ary, My Dear Watson– For any elements, rain, water, fire, lightning, etc shown on screen, take a drink.
  3. Things That Go Boom– For any explosion in the fire, take a drink.
  4. A Classy Gentleman– Anytime the main male character messes with his hat in any capacity, take a drink.
  5. Ready for my close-up– Anytime the main female character messes with her hair, take a drink.
  6. What’s in a Name– Whenever the main characters refer to each other by name, take a drink.

We shall see how this works out. Join us on Twitter using hashtag #151PM.

Earl Rufus

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7 Responses

  1. Hey, I’ve seen this a LONG time ago. I think between rules 1, 4 and 5, you’d be drunk WAY too early in the game. Maybe you should tone things down to a half shot…the doubles after the British wit are going to be killer.

  2. Drinking games based on movies can be fun. This actually gives me some games i can add to my site

    Feel free to check it out i got categories such as Drinking Games Without Cards with more coming.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Earl says:

      Sure. Going to add some of ours?
      Will you link back to the original posts?

      • i don’t think ill add them specifically. in the coming days ill just create a post introducing movie drinking games and link back here or to the overall category

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