151 Proof Movie Hangover: Catwoman

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]


Let’s get to the score board

Movie- 1.5


I’d heard the legends about this movie before, the awards it had won and not won, the utter hatred of it, so I was not looking forward to watching it. The movie did not disappoint, with poor acting, poor writing….just poor overall and for something so poor it was surprisingly boring. I don’t think I could tell you any memorable moments, unless I count the god awful CG. The CG in this has NOT aged well and it is used A LOT. Almost every wide shot of a building or the city is CG. Most Catwoman’s action is CG. They even had CG for Catwoman WALKING….just walking on top of a building. I don’t recommend this movie, even for bad movie enthusiasts.

Penguin- 2

I am going to be a bit more kind to this movie than Swanny. I didn’t find it completely awful. Sure the acting was shoddy. The use of CG was baffling half the time. I’m not even sure if it had a proper plot structure. Almost certain, it had nothing to do with the DC character by the same name. 

That said.. there was something in this movie that kept me from completely hating it. Maybe it was the alcohol… no most likely it was. I found some of the exchanges so bad, they were awesome. Kind of like the Ice-puns from Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. 

So yes, my best compliment for this movie is sometimes its so bad.. its good!

Drinking- 4

Swan- 4

I was genuinely surprised that our CG rule was the winner for this film. I knew that the CG would be bad but I didn’t know the extent to which they would use it. I think someone could play the game with just that rule and still get decently snockered. Our other rules had some fair use, but nowhere near the amount as the CG rule. We added one drink near the end of the movie for the absolutely astounding one liner Catwoman delivers before killing the main baddie (SPOILERS)

Penguin- 4

CG in the morning.

CG in the evening.

CG at supper time.

When CG in a movie, you will have CG all the time. Yes, this movie uses WAY too much CG. Especially when you think about it on paper. Catwoman isn’t a character that has any supernatural or superhuman abilities. There’s really nothing she can’t do that a well-trained actress couldn’t, but then we’re talking about Halle Berry here. What is really striking though is when they used CG for her walk.. like REALLY you couldn’t even pay a stunt double to walk for you? >.<

Aside from the CG rule being a killer, I think the next most popular rule was the Cat-vision stuff, which didn’t seem to be a consistent effect. Sometimes it would blur the screen, sometimes it would distort color and other times she had a heightened sense of vision so she saw everything faster. I’m not really going to question the movie’s logic. I just drank. 

So that was Catwoman. About as bad as everyone told you, with a lot more dated CG than anyone would have imagine.

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