151 Proof Hangover: Battleship The Movie

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

We said we wanted to get back into the swing of things after missing a few weeks this past month, Battleship proved to be the right call.. or was we dubbed it while watching BattleSir the Movie.

The movie had it all explosions, bad dialog, generic enemies, explosions, military gibberish and Liam Nesson! And lots of drinking. You’ll find about that as head to the score board!

Movie- 2


After my 3 week hiatus from 151 Proof Movies, we decided to come back with a bang, crash, zip or whiff. And what better way then with a film I had not heard a single good thing about. The review most people gave me was, “It’s not even entertainingly bad” So we knew it was right up our alley, and you know what?

I really enjoyed this movie. There, it is out. This movie was a lot of fun yet I can’t remember much about it. It doesn’t really do anything special and everything about it is sub par enough that you forget it. The acting was bad, the CG was pretty bad and the story was ridiculous. Probably the best part was that the enemy ships fired actual pegs, like the ones from the board game.

This may not be the most convincing review, as very little of the movie stuck with me but I do know that I enjoyed watching and I recommend you should check it out too. Especially if you are drinking.


I won’t be as kind as Swan is to this film. It isn’t good. At all. It’s big, and loud and explosive but messes any reason for us to care. I never felt that the aliens were much of a threat nor was I 100% sure of their motives. I will be honest, most of this movie didn’t stick with me at all. I’ve seen it 100 times before, and in almost every scenario those other times were much better films. 

The music was all over the place in this film as well.. who would have guessed you would hear the Pink Panther theme at the beginning of the film? Sans the lead character, I didn’t find any of the characters that interesting, and the main character’s arc just reminded me too much of Kirk from the Star Trek reboot. 

And WORST of all, never once did they say “You Sank My Battleship” but they are nice enough to tease it with something like “they’ll never sink my battleship” or something along those lines!



This was a great film to come back to for drinking. I believe I finished 6 beers through the 2 hour run time and it was always consistent drinking, with no real lulls. Our “Sir” rule was easily the most deadly with this being a military movie, where almost every line of dialogue is either preceded or followed by a “Sir”

Our runner up was the explosion rule, being a big budget Transformers cash grab of course it would be filled with fire and doom. Our death rule was pretty effective in this as well, death does usually come with explosions. Our other rules worked as well, though they could have been a bit more effective. Penguin and I may have to retool them but for now I believe our set of rules worked great.

If you are going to watch this movie, which I still recommend that you do, our rules won’t lead you wrong when it come to the drinking. So enjoy my friends


Sir, yes sir, sir! I’m fairly certain the script was just an adlib with Sirs at the beginning and end of sentences. It’s a pretty common expression in the movie, and I understand it is a military movie but there are scenes when it is said upwards of 10 times in like 30 seconds. It becomes a bit goofy at times. 

Death and explosions also ruled the day. It’s what happens when your primary means of attack are cannons, stuff tends to blow up. And when you factor in being on seas, people tend to die! 

One quick, early in the movie we attempted to try another rule, not sure how successful it was but wanted to share. Essentially, you would use the game’s ship values and based on that you would take the corresponding amount of drinks when a ship was sank. Not many ships actually end up going down in the long run, but it’s a nifty rule if a fan of the board game. 

Swan and I disagree on how much enjoyment you’ll get out of this movie. Either way, we both don’t think it’s a great movie, but he thinks it is a fun movie so there is that. We can both agree on it being a fine film to drink to. So if you want something to take the edge off, watch Battleship!


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