007 Days of Nov: Day 9

Yesterday we discussed the best plots by villains in a Bond movie so it is only fitting that today we talk about the opposite.

Now, I guess we aren’t actually gonna discuss bad plans to some degree they are all bad plans, I mean they wouldn’t be Bond villains if their plans weren’t just a little out the box. Today will deal more with illogical planning.

And honestly there is only one plot that takes the prize, Elliot Carver’s plan to start a war for ratings.

He just screams EVIL!

As we mentioned yesterday, Goldfinger’s plot was simple, concise and had a clear and logic reason behind it. Carver’s lacks any of that. He commissions a stealth submarine so that he can attack Chinese and British Navy forces. Then he would sneak off, and right all about it. Somehow creating the next big war, and getting exclusive publicity rights for the next I think 89 years he said.

The first flaw is of course assuming no one finds out about his role in all of this. I mean I’m sure there are other reports, and maybe even penny pushers, who would look into various investments Carver made. Then there was hiring an entire crew and the likes.

Then there’s the fact that well… it was just dumb. I mean honestly he didn’t really benefit from it directly, there was just hopes that it would eventually work out well for him and his organization.

Nothing from the community today so you know, just let us know below.

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