Dual Wielding 84: Sony’s Epic Wrath

This week’s Dual Wielding kicks off with a discussion about new Super Mario Bros 2 DLC and some thoughts on Capcom’s interesting experiment in Asura’s Wrath. Our focus then switches to news with word of Sony suing their (we assume former at this point) marketing icon, Kevin Butler, for appearing in a Bridgestone commercial. On most weeks, that would be the major story but also word of Cliffy B. leaving Epic Games anchors this week’s news. In between talks of 50 billion Nintendo Directs, Assassin’s Creed 3 season pass and so much more!

We’re gonna take you for a ride!

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Wielding Crew:

 Special Guest: James Gardiner 

Extra Life Campaigns- Make a difference in a child’s life and watch people play video games for 24 hours. The ultimate Win-Win scenario?

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