Zombie Survival Guide: Tip 5

What new evil awaits you?

So you’ve been walking through the Zombie Wastelands for about a month now. You’ve got your clean socks, your pudgy partners who eye the corners. You’ve got your food, and your medical kits. Hell, you may have even been happy at times. You may have stumbled upon some of your favourite candy bars from when you were a child, and they brought you back to a simpler, quieter time when zombies were only in internet memes and video games.

But what do you do when your enemy becomes something that you don’t understand. Smashing and maiming zombies is all fine and dandy – but what if under the decayed flesh of human beings is not bone, cells, and blood – but circuits, blinking lights, and whirring noises.

What if your whole world got turned upside-down, and all you have is 4 fat friends, soiled underpants, and an axe? What do you do when your Zombies turn into Robots? That’s where I step in, as an observer to your undoubted demise, I can try ease you through your inevitable pain, and help you live as long as humanly possible during this time of mass confusion and crisis.

Zombie Survival Tip 5: Make sure your zombies don’t become Robots.

Oh its real, its damn real.!

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