Zombie Survival Guide: Tip 2

Hello fellow survivors. My name is Typhoid, and I will be taking over, and happily guiding you through the Zombie Apocalypse and hopefully helping you to safety.

One of the most important things to always keep in mind while being constantly chased by Zombies is to always know where you’re going. While you may be blissfully shotgunning a few Zombies in the face, in the back of your mind you’ll need to be thinking of where to go if more Zombies come, and you suddenly find yourself running out of ammunition.

Always look for a safe zone.

In a world where the half-living corpse of everyone you’ve ever known is out to kill you, you’ll always need a plan. After all, if you’re just blindly running around all willy-nilly, you’re no better than the Zombies themselves. And that my friends, is no way to live.

So Zombie Survival Tip 2: Always have an escape route.

Thank you and come back soon for more Zombie Survival Tips from the Nerds.


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