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Yellowcard: A Review Of Their Album Southern Air

Fresh off of their critically acclaimed album “When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes” Yellowcard decided to hit the studio fast to let their fans know they are thankful for the band’s successful come back. “When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes” was the first Yellowcard album in four years, you can read my review of it here. The album was actually quite a surprise to me, it was my Album of the Year. That being said, expectations were very high for this album.

Southern Air is Yellowcard’s eighth studio album being released on August 14th, 2012. It was back in May that we heard the first single, “Always Summer” and that song was enough to let fans know this album wasn’t rushed, and  put out to cash in on the success of “When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes.” This was a great first single which was complete with the violin solo and the catchy lyrics/instrumental that has allowed Yellowcard to stand out and achieve success.



What makes this album great is that while it has a lot of continuation aspects of “When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes” it really has more of a paper walls feel to it. Their last album was more of a safe return for the band. In “Southern Air” the band takes some risk, while holding onto the typical Yellowcard sound, it is a good combination. This album is actually quite emotional compared to older stuff they have produced. In their last album Ryan Key’s aunt was battling cancer, and the emotional song “Sing For Me” was about her battle. With the release of “Southern Air” Key’s aunt has sadly passed and this time he wrote a song again about her in “Telescope” and how she was always there for him and how he regrets not having the time to tell her everything he wanted. Also, a very emotionally driven song “Ten” is about a kid (either aborted or miscarried) and how he would be 10 years old now, a powerful lyric for my fellow “Nerds” from the song is, “You would be watching Star Wars, with your PJ’s on.”

This album is not just full of sad songs, but it has all sort of Yellowcard songs that you would expect the band to put out. The album is 40 minutes long, ten songs, but what is great is all of the songs are instant hits. This is an album people will enjoy upon one listen. “Awakening” is a great intro song into the album to show the journey the listener in about to embark upon. The songs are all arranged well, and the album is mastered extremely well. By the time you get to “Southern Air” it dawns upon you that this song really is the perfect finish to the album. It is a bit odd that the title track is the last song, but when you hear it you will understand that Yellowcard wants their fans to walk away from the album with the feeling that the band still has what it takes.

The evolution of this band is quite amazing, coming from their punk pop roots. It is interesting how they come from a genre where lyrics really do not matter, as long as there is a catchy chorus and song strong power chords. Yellowcard goes against the rules while putting emotion into their lyrics as well as a VIOLIN! That is something that just sets the band apart from the rest.

Last year Yellowcard shocked the critics and set the bar very high with “When You’re Though Thinking, Say Yes” with all of the passion and emotional the band put into “Southern Air” it is no wonder this album is giving all of their other albums a run for its money. It might be too soon to tell where Southern Air ranks among the other Yellowcard albums, but it is one that will again turn heads and make people say, “Oh Yeah! I remember Yellowcard.”

Plus, what kind of band has an electric violinist that rocks a Batman shirt at their shows?


Southern Air by Yellowcard is a must listen!



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