Unite Morph for The Wonderful 101

Club Nintendo is closing down, and it’s kind of a bittersweet time.

But Nintendo has been kind enough to drop a crapton of digital games for people to redeem if they have enough coins. I had more than enough coins for several games, but own most of the ones I wanted (hence all the coins) so instead of forcing myself to download random games.

I wanted to give one lucky reader of the site a chance to play one of my personal favorite games, The Wonderful 101. But, I didn’t just want to give it away in some cheap, RT/like/Fav contest since this is a special game, it deserved a special contest.

Now, I’m sure everyone won’t like it, but you got to earn this Wonderful Experience.

What Do You Do? – In the game when the heroes want to transformer, they simply shout out, “Wonder Eyes, Color/Type” and turn into their Wonderful selves. And you will too! In order to enter this contest, submit to us a video of you Morphing into action. You only need to do the Wonder-call and maybe a silly one-liner. If you want to dress up, bonus points to you. Creativity will go a long way to impress.

Where Do I Do It? – In order to enter the contest, you need to submit the video to either our Twitter Page or Facebook Page.

When Do I Have to Do it? – The contest is open to submission until let’s say Noon Eastern on Monday Feb 9th, 2015. A winnter will be picked later on that day as we combine through videos.

Who Wins? – It won’t be a random drawing. The person with the most creative and high-energy video will be picked. So do your best!

P.S: This is a North American code so you must be in the United States or Canada to enter (or have access to a North American Wii U…. also having a Wii U helps… but not needed)

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