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Top Ninja Turtles Rip-off

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a vital part of my childhood. Between the animated series, the 3 live action movies, video games and a ton of toys the Heroes in a Half Shell were my generation’s Pokemon. Like any popular trend ever, there were a ton of clones/copycats created to cash-in on their success. Some of them ended up doing moderately well, while others were lost in the annals of history. Below, we’ll highlight just a few of them and then toss up a poll so our lovely audience can vote on their favorite Ninja Turtles rip-off!

Street Sharks– A tale of 4 siblings who are genetically spliced with shark DNA to become the street-breaking, wise-cracking, Jawsome team known as the Street Sharks


Extreme Dinosaurs– I’ve never actually seen this show, but covered it for Nostalgia with a Twist before. All I know are the Dinosaurs appear to be extreme, extreme Dinosaurs!


Samurai Pizza Cats– The only intro on this list that I think makes specific reference to the Ninja Turtles. This was a fun little show, and perhaps one of the highest quality on the list.


Mighty Ducks– this is an interesting one since named after the movie series (can only assume since both owned by Disney), but it is an intergalactic team of ducks.. not a little league hockey team!


Biker Mice from Mars– Hey, who doesn’t love talking animal aliens. I mean if we’re going to be destroyed they might as well be cute and cuddly, no?


Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs– To be honest, this is a poof of the Ninja Turtles from Tiny Toons, but has such a catchy theme song wanted to include it!


BattleToads– For the most part, I tried to keep this list to Ninja Turtles clones in the animated realm, but I feel more people are familiar with the BattleToads from their various video games during the late 80s/early 90s. But there was also an animated series pitched. As far as I can tell, there exists only a single episode of it, so check it out!


While the Ninja Turtles craze died down in the early 90s, the original has had some peaks and valleys, and it seems like even now we still get some shows cut from the same cloth.

DinoSquad– Seems to be about a bunch of high schoolers who took a bat in some radioactive goop…


Kung Fu Dino Posse– The most recent entry on our list, this was out within the last two years, and I honestly have no idea.


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