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Scheme & Sketch: The Frog

Here it is lads and ladyboys, the results of the first Scheme & Sketch.  I would like to thank everyone who submitted their ideas; all two of you.

First let’s take a look at nino1911’s character, Afroman:

As a child he was abandoned by his parents in the jungle,woods,etc.He learned to survive by watching the primates way of life and began to imitated them.Years later he rediscover civilization,but could never adjust to it.He found out that a organization was destroying his home the jungle bulldozing tree and he took the Afroman persona to save jungle.
He dresses mostly in black ninja outfit he stole from a Halloween store that he modify it by putting pieces of wood for shoulder plates and armor,rope together by strings and he runs around bear footed.his weapon of choice is a staff he was gifted by some unknown person.very athletic,has an afro and is in his early 20′s.

Although Mr. Nino fleshed out his character’s backstory quite well, visually Afroman is just your everyday ninja with an afro.  While it might have been interesting seeing how he kept his glorious ‘fro out of sight while still being stealthy, Afroman is sadly our runnerup.

First place goes to Kev who wrote:

Martin Marsh is a 19 year old kid who’s father was the B-list super-criminal “The Salamander”.  Seeking to redeem his family name and carve his own path as a superhero, the boy uses his father’s research and patents to create the persona of The Frog, a gadgeteering crime-fighter who’s always ready to leap into action!

Not as descriptive as Nino’s, but it’s a guy in a frickin’ frog costume.  What’s not to love?  Plus it allowed for our sketchmonkey, D.C., to come up with a couple gadgets.

Did it say come up with?  I meant blatantly steal from Spider-man and– are those the jump boot hydraulics from the Super Mario Bros. movie? Motherfu–

There you have it folks.  The Frog is this week’s winner.  If you would like to possibly see your character all drawn and purdy-like, leave a description in the comments below.  Good luck.

Review Bot 3000

A surly tavern patron who guides young adventurers on foolhearty missions in order to acquire strange ingredients for powerful potions. He also plays a mean sax.

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7 Responses

  1. Geekender says:

    Super-sweet design! Nicely done, DC!

  2. nino1911 says:

    Danny always loved birds of prey as a young boy he used to study them.But then his family was murder because his father owed money to a mob dealer.
    vowing revenge he took the alias of Raptor.
    his right arm is a long blade similar to the beak of an eagle that opens and close .while his left arm is the talons of a hawk five long daggers in his finger nails.
    his upper body is adorned with feathers (lame?) the covers his body and nothing else.
    his lower part is is just pants yup with bird poop eww oh and surprise me what he puts on his head 😛

  3. Geekender says:

    Okay….I’m chimin’ in!

    Matchstick: John Cottone was a successful business man and owner of the “Matchstick Club”, a popular nightclub in the heart of Celestial City. Double-crossed by his business partner, Lee Hansen, John was knocked unconscious and left to burn in an old abandoned warehouse. However, as the flames consumed him, a latent mutant gene activated and he was transformed into a being able to create, control and manipulate the element of fire. With these new powers at hand and vengeance in his heart, John Cottone has vowed to strike back at Hansen and his bountiful band of thugs as the slickest hero Celetstial City has ever seen: Matchstick, the Master of the Flame!

    Appearance-wise, Matchstick is a good-looking man in his late 20’s who’s mane of hair has been replaced by an ever-burning flame that flickers and licks around wildly as he moves. His eyes glow an ember-orange which can even be seen under a pair of sunglasses. He dresses in only the best, sporting the finest suits and shiniest shoes, mostly in shades of black and gray. Also a part of his ensemble is the ever-present matchstick, clenched in his pearly-white teeth.

    And that’s that.

  4. Combine 017 says:

    Born on the outskirts of the Blorjeck System, on the slum planet of Jew Nersey, Gnarglack was an underground street fighter. Tall and buff, bipedal with purple skin and buzzed dark hair, covered in scars and battle wounds, and always smoking a Nabuc cigar, Gnarglack was unstoppable in The Pit. During fights he was known as “The Pog”, for his ability to slam any who opposed him. Usuing anything and everything to win his fights, from loose bricks in the walls to blades thrown in by the crowd, those were the rules of The Pit, there were no rules, except one which prohibited contestants from eating or drinking half an hour before a match. But his weapon of choice were always the limbs of downed opponents, as it would strike fear into any other contenders, and they were also pretty good for bludgeoning too. But one night, on the way home to his family after a fight, something caught his eye in the sky. It was bright, and glowing, hurling down on a collision course with his home. The radioactive meteor crashed into his house, killing anyone inside, leaving only a smoldering crater behind. Gnarglack rushed to the remains of what was once his home, desperately looking for any signs of life, but all he could find were pieces of radiated metal. He picked up a piece of the strange alloy, which still had some legible writing on it. It read “Hubble Space Telescope”. And from that moment on, he vowed for revenge on where ever this device had come from. Fashioning makeshift armor out of the bits and scraps of radioactive metal that remained, he donned the guise of “The Hubble Space Pog”! Tracing back the trajectory of the object led him to one point of origin, a planet called “Earth”. He would make the journey to this “Earth” in cryo-sleep, and seek out the ones who killed his family, even if he had to kill everyone on the planet. But who knows what untold effects will overcome Gnarglack through years of cryo-sleep with the radioactive armor he now wears. Only time will tell…

  5. The Pint says:

    Ok, mine is very simple.

    He is a zebra. Who is also on fire. And he has a cape and a horn.

    And I guess he could be kind of human.

    Need more booze to think

  6. Geekender says:

    I vote for Pint!

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