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Kerry Loudermilk Archives – Nerds on the Rocks

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Legion Season 2 Premiere

Having your protagonist abducted by a small metallic orb at the end of your first season may not be a common move in superhero TV but FX’s “Legion” makes a habit of being uncommon. Helmed...

Talk of the Town: Sonic: Lost World (E3 2013 Demo)

Sonic: Lost World represents SEGA and Sonic Team’s latest re-imagining of their storied blue mascot in the world of three-dimensional video games. Once as synonymous with gaming as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog’s well-documented struggles...

E3 2013: The Conferences: Sony Comes Out Swinging

The most exciting week in gaming is officially underway as the Big 3 console manufacturers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, kicked off the show with their traditional “Day 0” press events. Everyone showed up with...