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Dan’s Comic Reviews: Week of April 29th 2015

Marooned time-travelers prepare to go home in “Past Aways”, a marooned extraterrestrial just tries to blend in in “Resident Alien”, and Quantum and Woody try not to die in “Quantum And Woody Must Die!”...


Review Shooter: Grifter 2

Writer: Nathan Edmonson  Artist: Cafu The success or failure of DC’s New 52 initiative can be measured in multiple ways. I will leave the number-crunching, and spinning to the expert. On a personal level,...


Review Shooter: Grifter #1

Writer: Nathan Edmonson Pencils: Cafu My first exposure to Grifter was the WildC.A.T.S. animated series from 1994. I don’t remember the series, but I remember liking him. So, when I found out about Grifter...