Hangover Review: Swept Away (2002)

We have been doing 151 Proof Movies for almost a decade. We have seen hundreds of movies. Some of them we’ve enjoyed, most of them we haven’t. We have been left happy, angry, bored, sad and befuddled, but I can honestly say that “Swept Away” was the first movie that left us uncomfortable by the end. And not in the way, like horror movies, make you uncomfortable.

The jist of the movie is that Madonna’s rich socialite character gets stranded on a desert island with a fisherman that was working her ship. Throughout the first act of the movie, we see Madonna’s character treat this man poorly, as the rich can do, demeaning, condescending and just a general disdain for him. So of course, once she is out of her comfort level we expect the table to turn. But not only do they turn, but they are doused in gasoline and set ablaze.

In the course of the second act, we watch as Madonna is forced to starve, sleep outside, grovel, kiss the man’s hands and feet, punched, kicked and just embarrassed and humiliated time and time again.

Then through this, we’re to believe that these two fall in love. Not that Madonna is doing whatever is necessary to survive and possibly get off this island, but instead genuine love. Which just made me feel queasy on the inside.

I’m sure there are other elements of this movie that are a turn-off and make it bad (like really there’s not much in the way of a “plot), and it even has some fans, but rare time when I would advise all to avoid at all costs.

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