Review Shooter: Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack!

(Editor’s Note: Not really a review, more of general thoughts. I honestly didn’t feel like pouring anymore energy into the game so these are thoughts from my time with the game.)

The mobile game scene is slowly evolving. I remember back when I got my original phone (just to date myself a bit), the only game that were on the device was Snake and a variation of Tetris. Now mobile games are up there in production with some handheld and even console titles. With the recent success of games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, its not surprising that traditional gaming companies want a piece of the pie. Some of them develop their own games like Epic with Infinity Blades while others seem to just license out their property (or have it ripped off anyhow).

Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack! exists closer to the latter’s camp than the former. The game uses the Serious Sam license, but honestly could be replaced with any face and be the same game.

Let’s speak to the core of the game. There are really only two buttons/commands in the game, jump and attack. Many games get by with such a simple concept (hell most Mario games only have a run and jump button), but this is not one of the games. Since the game is essentially on rails, the headless kamikaze is continuously running to the right, there’s really not much skill involved aside from timing your jumps, but the game is so lenient with it (able to hold down the button to get more air time) that you really are in danger of death.

Along the way, there are some obstacles, some cactus trees, some bombs, some missiles, but again your attack button is so generous here. Not a matter of timing really. You can usually hit it ahead of time and he’ll just glide into it. There is a balance in the game with the rage meter, but it cools down fast enough that again it doesn’t make it much of a danger for the player.

Honestly, that is all there is to the game. The background remains the same. The stages are pretty much the same, but with slightly different spacings between traps and the likes. There’s not much here, and honestly you’d have more fun with a Flash game if you wanted to waste 5 minutes.

Recommendation: Avoid! I know its tough to say for a game that’s 2 bucks, but its really not worth the download nor space.


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