Review Shooter: Green Lantern Corps 61

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Daniel Hor

War may end, but the effects are felt for generations. Green Lantern Corps deals with the fall-out of the War of the Green Lantern by focusing on John Stewart after his murder on Mogo, but more importantly dealing with all of the new Corps members that were recruited during Krona’s reign.

I found this issue fairly interesting since it deals with a new member of the Green Lantern Corps. While we are never short any Green Lanterns, it is always nice to see some fresh eyes. After the mass promotion that Mogo and Krona did while in control, a lot of the new rookie recruits are turning in their rings. Except for one lone Lantern, who feels like she has the potential to be a great Green Lantern.

Qurina, the new recruit who keeps her ring, decides to go to John Stewart, perhaps the only Lantern who is more despised than the new recruits, to help her come to her decision. While talking to Stewart, an emergency happens in her sector, and our adventure is off. There’s an interesting lesson here as Qurina is a police-officer, and responds to the threat as a police woman would if wielding an unstoppable weapon.

Like I said, it was refreshing to see the Corps from a new set of eyes, and kind of see John takes his turn as a mentor/teacher though he is a bit more hands off than Kilowog. That said, we have a ton of Green Lanterns so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is never seen again. Though, I would like to see her.

The art isn’t anything special, but it gets the job done so can’t really complain. Nothing stands out, which is both a good and bad thing, but meh.

New Reader Accessibility: 5 They tell you what you need to know in this issue. And the issue focuses on a brand new character so you don’y really need much outside knowledge.

Recommendation: Borrow It! If a friend happens to have it read their copy or read it in the comic store or something. Worth reading, just not the 3 bucks investment.

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