Review Shooter: Deadpool 1

Writers: Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Art: Tony Moore
Review by: Writey McReviewerson

I like Deadpool well enough and I’ve read my fair share of comics starring the cancer ridden Canadian. But I climbed out of the pool completely when Marvel started throwing him in every other book. (I believe at one point he had five or six titles of his own running at once.) The problem, other than over saturation, is that he isn’t a character every writer can write. While every writer might have a Batman story in them, not every writer has a Deadpool one. For one, you need comedy. And comedy is hard.

So I was quite happy to see the new Marvel Now title was being written by bona fide comedian, Brian Posehn (along with Gerry Duggan). And I was enjoying it too, that is until Mr. Wade Wilson showed up. Never have I seen comedy so forced. Every line out of his (and every character he interacts with) mouth is a bad joke or insult retort. Perhaps it would have worked better if the caption boxes where still around and could call him out on how horrible his jokes are, but they’re no where to be seen.

The premise is cool (dead presidents have risen from the grave causing havoc and Shield doesn’t want Captain America or any other superhero seen killing them, so they recruit Deadpool to take them out), and the art is glorious (Tony Moore does a hell of a fine job), but the comic as a whole is…blahhhmehhhh. The forced comedy destroys the enjoyment factor of the book. It does work in a few cases. Mostly from the zombified presidents themselves.

As a new #1, this comic actually did a fine job of an introduction for Deadpool. I’m as surprised as you are. So it has that going for it.  Though if I recall correctly, in the previous Deadpool series he lost his healing factor and became all pretty.  Mavel Now appears to have magiked that away.


P.S. As a New Yorker, the line about the train being on time bothered me above all else. The trains are never on time.  Nor do they pretend to understand the concept.

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