Re-Covered: Super Angry Birds #1

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, we’re here to prove them right or wrong!

SAB01_CoverSUBThe cover in question!

This book sees the gang from Angry Birds being converted into a team of superheroes. Since they don’t really have names in the game, to my knowledge, I assume each will be  a bird pun based around their powers. Maybe something like the Chicken Run, the Egglauncher, the Bird, you know… I’m terrible at fowl puns!

Super Angry Birds #1 being a first issue is an origin tale of the team as they come together for the greater good as they learn to work together. Being that it is aimed at a younger audience, there isn’t too much complications in their dynamic.

The art seems brisk, detailed and in-motion. It’s a solid style that really draws attention to the detail of the main characters. The backgrounds are nicely detailed and gives you a feel for the scope and distance. Great color usage.

Potential Review 4 (out of 7)The comic is a novel concept, but skews a bit too young/comical for my taste. 

(Review based solely on examining the comic cover in the store!)


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