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Scheme & Sketch: Raptor

This week’s Scheme & Sketch is a little late on account of snow. It’s a little known fact but D.C. does all his doodling outside so that he can be harshly critiqued by squirrels and other such woodland creatures, the most severe judges of awesometry. He had to be dug out of his icy tomb and then defrosted. It was an all day affair.

There was a plentitude of great submissions but this week the “winner” is nino1911. Here’s what he wrote:

Danny always loved birds of prey as a young boy he used to study them.But then his family was murder because his father owed money to a mob dealer.
vowing revenge he took the alias of Raptor.
his right arm is a long blade similar to the beak of an eagle that opens and close .while his left arm is the talons of a hawk five long daggers in his finger nails.
his upper body is adorned with feathers (lame?) the covers his body and nothing else.
his lower part is is just pants yup with bird poop eww oh and surprise me what he puts on his head

Oh, so you like surprises huh?  How about his mouth as a frakin’ birdbath?

That’ll teach you to like surprises!

There you have it.  This week’s victor is Raptor aka Danny the Hideous Birdboy.  Leave a character description in the comments below and perhaps you too can have your beloved character turned into a grotesque monstrosity next Tuesday…weather permitting.

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A surly tavern patron who guides young adventurers on foolhearty missions in order to acquire strange ingredients for powerful potions. He also plays a mean sax.

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4 Responses

  1. nino1911 says:

    it beautiful!

    • D.C. says:

      Thank you! Glad you like it. 🙂

  2. Combine 017 says:

    Guess im the only one chiming in this time?

    A long time ago, back in prehistoric times, Urk the caveman went about his daily routine of lounging and clubbing things. All of a sudden, the ice age happened, and Urk was frozen in time. Thousands of years passed, and eventually the caveman was found by some locals atop a mountain. They brought him down to the village, where Urk began to slowly unthaw. When Urk awoke, he realized he wasnt in prehistoric times anymore, he was in ancient Japan! The locals tended to him taught him their language, and trained him in the way of martial arts. But soon came the time for Urk to travel north, as it was too warm where he was. Donned in his ninja apparel, Urk headed north for as long as he could, until he found a vaste field of frozen water. He set across this sea of ice, but then fell into a crevice and froze again. Hundreds of more years went by, and as global warming began, the ice shelf Urk was incased in shifted, and sent the iceberg on a voyage across the ocean. The iceberg driftet along for many years, as if absorbed some of Urks ninja training, silently stalking a target. And a target it found. A large, metal, presumably unsinkable object collided with the iceberg, breaking it apart, yet still concealing the caveman inside. A few more decades past, and the now small block of ice washed up on the shoreline, somewhere in California or something. And the Japanese Ninja Caveman began a new journey, one so secretive that I dont even know or have time to finish explaining.

    The End.

  3. manuel says:

    cloud dude
    scientist mark white was in a horrific accident in the lab turning him into cloudman.
    his entire lower body is one cloud that allows him to hover.his body is watery kind like a fountain going upwards instead of down.
    and his head is a pretty simple all he wears is goggles of course being horribly mutated is always painful to him lol.

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