Nostalgia with a Twist: Snow Crash

While we love to review old TV show intros (we really do, it is a sick pleasure), we thought that Nostalgia with a Twist didn’t have to be limited to just one specific thing. Today we present to you an expansion on the original idea. Reviewing a book based solely on its cover, and yes we realize our mother warned us against it. With that said, which shall be our first contestant!

Snow Crash!

As always, I like to be up front with the audience. I have NO idea about this book at all. I simply asked a friend to forward me a picture to write about and this is what he sent. I don’t know who publishes it, I know nothing about the author, heck I don’t know if it is part of a series or not. Which makes it the perfect contender for this article.

Based on the cover, I would assume the main character is a middle aged man, well we’ll say like 30-ish to be more specific. Seems like he gathers an all powerful sword at some point (but then again, who doesn’t)

The story is a mix of sci-fi/fantasy and current day environments. One would assume there’s a mixture/cross-over of his real world problems and how it relates to his time in this other world. Something like an escapist reality. Not sure if he crosses over between the two or gets sucked/pulled into the latter, but you can bet he doesn’t start out in this weird futuristic but ancient city.

Speaking of based on the unicorn-bull thingies on the wall, he goes on some type of quest in order to save this future city from a threat they’ve never faced before.

The title is an interesting thing since it doesn’t really seem to relate to the cover in anyway, but perhaps this all takes place in his head during a car crash?

Would I read the book based on the cover? Not really, seems like your typical sci-fi fare, and nothing really stands out.

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