Nerds on the Rocks Episode 3

This week Tony Stark joins the Nerds for a drink, and we promise he won’t be dancing this time! Also, we look at the recent resurgence of 3D, but we all dream for a Holodeck. Finally, Cocktail Chatter ends the night before we give our last call. Some like it shaken, some like it stirred, but everyone loves their Nerds on the Rocks.

Download Nerds on the Rocks – Episode 3

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2 Responses

  1. manasecret says:

    You ask if 3D would have added anything to Casablanca. Here’s the corollary question: would color have added anything to Casablanca?

    • magus113 says:

      I think Ebert must have meant that when he wrote that in his article. Color could have added something but by this point not much since we already knew the film to be a certain way.

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