Nerds on the Rocks Ep 29 Fictional Friends Call-in

We’ve had some success with using the phone line for our Game and Movie of the Year podcast so wanted to expand it a bit and use it for podcasts where I think fans participation would be fun.

This week’s episode of Nerds on the Rocks is all about fictional characters. We’ve got several categories and our intrepid nerdites will be given you their picks, but why not call in with your own picks for the following:

  1. Which character would you most like to go on an adventure with?
  2. Which would you most like to hang out with? Be social with?
  3. Which would you like to sleep with?
  4. Who would you want to be your mentor/teacher?
  5. Who would you take into a fight with you?
  6. Who would you get into a fight with?

So to leave your pick just call 347 470 NERD (6373)

Download Ep 29 

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