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Nerds At Home: SDCC 2011 Coverage – Assemble The Avengers.

Marvel aren’t wasting any time in promoting The Avengers at San Diego Comic-con. Less than two days into the con and we’ve already had a teaser poster and a look at Captain America’s costume in the movie.

The Teaser Poster.

You know what they say: less is more. After seeing this, I honestly can’t imagine Marvel taking a different approach for the first poster for The Avengers. Maybe a silhouette of the heroes? Possibly, but we’ve seen that enough times when promoting comics and video games. This poster is cool. Me wants one.


Captain America’s ‘Avengers’ costume.

Many of us have probably expected it, now its official: Steve Rogers will have a new outfit for The Avengers. For a lot of people, this probably doesn’t seem like that big a deal. Fan boy cushing aside, it’s not really. It does make sense, though, that he would have a modernised look when he comes to the present. In my opinion, it also looks more like a superhero costume, than his First Avenger outfit.

That’s all for now. Check back to Nerds on the Rocks for more ‘At Home’ SDCC coverage as the weekend progresses.

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  1. Penguin says:

    The Avengers logo reminds me a lot of the X-men marvel logos.

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