Mylo Xyloto: A Review of Coldplay’s Newest Album

Graffiti, Rihanna, “Charlie Brown,” elephants on unicycles, and an album name majority of people can’t pronounce seem to be the keys to success with Coldplay’s fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto. Mylo Xyloto is a concept album, and front man Chris Martin said, “the album is based on a love story with a happy ending in which two protagonists living in an oppressive, dystopian, urban environment meet one another though a gang, and fall in love. “Every major rock band though the ages has had their concept album so now we get one from Coldplay.

Many people may not agree but Coldplay has been at such an extreme level and it only continues with Mylo Xyloto. They are the last true rock band so it is only fitting that they release a concept album. This album debuted at #1 all over the world. To put it into perspective, there has only been three bands that have had their first 5 albums debut at #1, Coldplay with 5 album, Oasis with 7 albums, and The Beatles with 11 albums. There are many people that hate on the band for whatever reason it may be, but there is no denying that they are extremely successful and must be doing something right, maybe the hate comes from them being so catchy and easy to like. Majority of their music videos have one million views within the first day of being released, like their video for “Paradise” in which they dress up as elephants. That video currently has 18.6 million views.

The album opens with the song Mylo Xyloto that is just a short introduction with nothing but instrumental, there are several of these instrumental only songs throughout the album. This really gives a nice break and lets the listener realize how talented the band can be without the strong vocals from Chris Martin. The actual music throughout the album is something that could connect to people on many different levels. There is a strong connection to this album both musically and lyrically. This connection something that is lacking from music these days, the connection the listener is feeling is the emotion to the songs. The song “Charlie Brown” has a very fun beat to it and is a song where the piano really shines as well as the guitar riffs. The piano is something that is not used enough in today’s music so when a band uses it, there is just something special with that sound. One shock was the announcement that Rihanna would be collaborating on one of the songs. “Princess of China” is that song and it does not disappoint. Arguably one of the best songs on the album, Rihanna’s vocals really shine in the song and sound perfect along side Chris Martin’s vocals. The only issue with the song is Rihanna only sings the chorus once (the best part of the song). They should have allowed her to sing the chorus at another point as well; it is just too catchy for it only to be played one time. The song “U.F.O.” is a shorter song that connects spiritually. It’s a song asking for help when you are going though a tough point in life, a point when it seems like there is nothing but an uphill battle. Finally, the album comes to a close with probably one of the best album closing songs of the year. “Up with the Birds” has a nice slow opening, allowing the listener to reflect on the journey of the album, then the album picks up and really allows the band to blow you away with an awesome guitar sounds which make for an epic ending to this album. Its one of those songs that people might over look in the beginning but if they stick with it they realize it is one fun enjoyable song to close the album.

If you are a fan of Coldplay this album will not disappoint you. If you are looking for a “Fix You” or “Yellow” type single song. “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” the first single, and “Paradise” the second single are songs you could listen to on repeat. Generally the singles on albums can be played out, but Coldplay is just to talented to allow that to happen with their singles. The album artwork is very beautiful and is perfect for the album, which in itself is a piece of art.




Notable Songs:

“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

“Princess of China”

“Up With The Birds”

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