Marvel and DC Comics Announce Epic Female Fan Initiative


For years, Marvel and DC Comics have been been raked over the coals for their treatment of women in comics. Whether it’s from women wearing skimpy outfits to women contorting themselves to an uncomfortable degree on the cover of these comics, women in comics’ portrayal has been iffy.

And for almost as many years, Marvel and DC Comics have tried to do their best to prove that they have no trouble with women. Giving them their own book, defending questionable decisions, pointing out male equivalences and the sort. Though they find, it is never enough to satisfy their fans.

That’s why the two companies  have announced an historic crossover event beginning in October with New York Comic Con. Simply dubbed “Being Women in Comics” these series of panels are planned to help female comic fans embrace the inner superheroine in them all. While details are still being fleshed out, we have been given the rundown on just a few of the things that both companies will showcase.

  • The Power of String – A look at how the most durable of strings can complete those impossible costumes. Want to know how it all stays on? This is the panel for you!
  • My Cup Runneth Over – You’re boob window not working for you? Just don’t fill out your top properly? Well do we have the panel for you. This will take a look at the breast size that best suits you and puts the super in your life.
  • My Flexible Feelings – Have you ever seen a comic cover or panel where it seems like the female anatomy shouldn’t bend like that? Well, where there is a will there is a way. With these special Yoga and breathing classes, you’ll be able to pose in all manner of inhumane situations!
  • Breathe and Pull – Skin-tight outfits are all the rage, but they aren’t always the easiest thing to get in and out of. With the help of some of the industry’s top experts, the audience will learn the best techniques into squeezing themselves into costumes one size too small.
  • Less is More – This panel will help you maximize your wardrobe by minimizing the amount of clothes you wear.

We will follow this story as Marvel and DC announce more workshops for this most exciting endeavor!

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